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Hello. My name is Z Dharamsey. Its a pleasure to meet you. I am a small business owner, a realtor and a budding online marketing consultant. I am an avid swimmer and a runner. I generally love the outdoors. I have a BBA in Finance and an MBA in Marketing. I have experience in marketing financial services as a banker as well as a life insurance agent. I love living in Toronto with my family.ut austincarbs

What keeps me busy?

To be honest, I am just your average guy. Among other things, I am a small business owner. I work 7 days a week averaging 10 – 15 hour days quite regularly. Toronto is a big, and ever expanding city, but the economic environment presents a few challenges. As a result, small businesses in general constantly battle for their piece of the pie. The pie, needless to mention, is shrinking relative to the population growth.

I am a realtor also, which is a passion for me. I love to help people find the domicile of their dreams, as I like to call it. The real estate industry is booming in the Greater Toronto Area but once again, the competition is high. This means its go time, all the time. Whether you are out with friends or having dinner with the family, when the phone rings, it better be answered.

Additionally, I took to day trading futures a year ago, mainly to moderate the ups and down of business. Although the markets work almost 24 hours, there are the more active hours to trade. This means when I don’t have to be up early for work, I get up even earlier to be able to review the overnight activity and prepare ‘promising’ trades. 


My Mission

To enable men and women to have control of their choices in life so that they can gain an altitude enabling them to make the correct choices and decisions from themselves and those in their care.

My Vision

I will build a business I, literally, jump out of bed to work on that will become a living example for others to clearly see the possibility and to enable them to build the same for themselves.

Authors Who Inspire Me.

My Motivators And Influencers.

Where Did I Walk In From?

Previously, I was in the financial services industry; more specifically banking. I loved the banking business and I was good at it. The best part about it was the ability to help clients who were presented with a wide range of financial matters that they needed to sort out for their financial and material well being. The not so great part about it was being thrilled at other people’s progress and successes. As their account manager, I was helping thBeach53em manage their finances to help them build their dreams. Nothing wrong with that except that while the clients leveraged business opportunities and simultaneously the bank continued to profit from their custom, I, on the other hand, faced limited ‘potential’ in the form of a monthly salary. This was true no matter what I brought to the table in terms of skills, creativity and innovation. Not the bank’s fault at all; its just the way a job works. Hard work is rewarded, eventually. There was the bonuses and salary increases that came which, in any job, is right at the level to keep staff ‘comfortable’ and ‘complacent’.

Where Am I heading?

I am innovative by nature and crave creativity in work and in play. I love to travel, explore new places and to meet people from diverse backgrounds,

lean generationbelieves and values. I am a history buff and, if time allows on my daily travels, I take a few minutes to stop and stare at historical buildings and sites. No different to any other person, I seek freedom and flexibility in work and in life. Don’t get me wrong, work is an integral part of life; not just for the financial returns but also for an element of purpose. Additionally, what we do, in a way, tends to become our identity.

In volatile economies of the recent years, its good to have work; at times work of any kind is “good work”. The only problem, I am reminded of daily, with my currently line of work (or should I say works, if that’s a word) is that it doesn’t afford me my desired level of creativity, freedom or flexibility. Needless to say, the quality of life tends to suffer and, as a result, so does the physical, emotional, social and mental health.

My Review Of the Six Figure Mentors

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What’s My Plan For My Digital Lifestyle?

Invest In Myself

  • Education and understanding about the different areas of online business. Find a niche.
  • Learn digital skills – from basic WordPress to advance video editing.


  • Take action, immediate action.
  • Test the learning, see the result, improve and refine strategy.

Rinse & Repeat

  • Push to reach the highest point of current skill level and understanding.
  • Use SFM to educate to the next level up. Again, take action, see results, refinement strategy.

How Am I Doing The Digital?

Marketing Blueprint

Webinars that help you to sharpen your focus. Zero in on the niche you want to market to, where to find them and the best ways to approach them. 

Mastermind Groups

Members come together to share best practices,skills, strategy, ideas and tactics of their approach. Communication about their mistakes made help newcomers avoid the same ones.

One on One Coaching

The coaching is via live phone calls with the mentor. The schedule is flexible to accommodate existing work and personal commitments. No limit on the number of calls.

SFM Support Team

Helps to have a whole team in your corner that can solve the technical issues, and fast, giving you the go ahead to attend to the actual business.

Training Library

Access the material you need, at your convenience, to learn a new platform, skill or campaign setup. Recordings of webinars, modules and trainings are all in your back office.

Live Events

Are held through out the year focusing on a range of training and education. Held in various countries to accommodate members from different parts of the globe.

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