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What Is The Digital Lifestyle?
To live where you want to, not where you have to
To have freedom of movement and flexibility with time
To be able to do work from anywhere in the world
To transcend geographical limitations in terms of opportunities

What is the Digital Economy?


In simple terms, the digital economy is the transaction of business over the internet. The products bought and sold are both digital such as a movie on Netflix or an online education course as well as physical, such as a pair of Levi’s jeans.

How is the Digital Economy replacing the Traditional Economy?


The two are clearly intertwined. While its not possible to separate one from the other, its easy to see the distinction as well as the transition. Two ways. First, the change in actual products, for example, from paper books to audio books, a transition as well as the creation of a new product. Transitions are also evident in clothing stores moving over to catalog ‘stores’ to reach a wider geographic market and reduce overhead costs significantly as well as become 24 hour stores from ‘business hours’ only.

And, second, in the birth of products that never existed before, such as the audio book above as well as, say, apps to search and locate the cheapest gas station near you. 

Time Shifting

The most common example of time shifting is the DVR – the Digital Video Recorder – that has ‘flexed’ live TV to your convenience. No need to risk your life rushing to catch your favorite sports.


Working from a remote location typically outside of a traditional office. The ‘remote’ location can be a coffee shop down the street, a train station, a boat or a hotel room. You can live in the middle of nowhere and still be very much an entrepreneur.

The live exchange of information between people and machines remote from each other. Save time, travel and money.

Is The Digital Lifestyle For You?

I cannot answer that for you. Its certainly not for everyone.

One thing is for sure…everything happens for a reason. You arrived here for a reason. Look around my site. See what you like, or don’t like.

If you have a question, that is the best place to start. Connect with me via email or Skype, whichever works for you.

I will have an answer for you. 

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